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If you order delivery from China to Kyiv with the Карго-кзн company, you get the cargo delivery of the most efficient way. We offer reasonable prices as we work with no middlemen involved.

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How we work:

  • Receiving the application
  • Consolidation and if necessary, additional packaging cargo in a warehouse
  • Cargo delivery from China to Ukraine
  • Cargo customs clearance in Ukraine
  • Cargo delivery to our client
  • Payment receiving

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Cargo delivery from China to Kyiv that our company provides, includes the selection of the most suitable mode of transport based on different and seemingly insignificant factors, optimizing the supply chain all the way from purchasing goods to delivering to their destination. Applying this complex approach allows our clients, who need consolidated cargo delivery from China to Kyiv, to use resources and cut down their transportation expenses as efficiently as possible.

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Delivery from China to Kyiv with Карго-кзн

We provide a wide range of services in cargo delivery from China to cities of Ukraine, including delivery from China to Kyiv.
Доставка из Китая в Казань – это не просто механическое Delivery from China to Kyiv is not just mechanical handling, it’s a complicated and multilevel process that can be provided by Карго-кзн skilled professionals.

We offer delivery from China with the following services:

  • A reliable supplier search;
  • Purchase of goods;
  • Keeping the cargo in our warehouses;
  • Shipping and packaging the cargo;
  • Customs documentation.

Working stages of delivery from China to Kyiv

  • Consultation and discussion of the order;
  • Establishing a contract;
  • Delivery to a warehouse in China;
  • Customs formalities;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Delivery to Kyiv;
  • Delivery to the client's address (if necessary).

Do you need cheap delivery from China to Kyiv? Also, we provide delivery to Dnipro city and Kharkiv. We work with no middlemen involved, that is why our prices are lower than those of our rivals. Generally, delivery price from China to Kyiv depends on the mode of transport, cargo size and weight.

Carriage by air and sea from China to Kyiv

Carriage of containers by sea is the most popular way of transportation, but carriage by air is also frequently used. Air carriage from China to Kyiv is the fastest way of transportation. It is applicable in case of urgent delivery of a small shipment.
Transportation of refrigerators that need the connection to a power source for continuous running and other non-standard and special cargo (road tank vehicles, containers for bulky load, etc.) costs more.
Delivery price from China to Kyiv depends on manufacturers’ and businessmen’s profit who work with Chinese vendors, and sometimes partnership with a foreign partner affects the price. That is why we are ready to offer you cheap and efficient delivery from China to Kyiv.

Partnership with Карго-кзн

You can calculate actual prices of consolidated cargo delivery from China to Kyiv by containers 20DV, 40DV and 40HC using the pricing calculator above. Transportation price of other container types or price delivery from Chinese ports, prices of which are specified on the website, you can define more exactly with our logistics specialists. Write or call us using the specified number to get a precise competent answer to your request fast.

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